Bookbax:: The Ultimate Book, iPad, Kindle and Tablet Holder

About Us

A brief history about the inventor: Amanda Evans

Getting lost in a good book has always been one of my favourite pastimes. Growing up in the Bahamas, I was frequently found by the pool or the beach reading. I often thought there must be a product out there that would allow me to hold my book, but would grip the pages open for me. I shopped around but could never find a product that did exactly the job I wanted. A book stand was of little help as I seldom read at a table.

Years later, whilst studying Gemology at the GIA in Southern California, an idea sprang to mind. That evening, with the help of a piece of wood, a wire coat hanger and a bicycle handle, I made my first book holder prototype.

Shortly after, I presented the idea to my Father, who, as an avid reader himself, thought it was brilliant. Together we sought the help of an internationally renowned industrial designer, Michel Dallaire of Montreal, Canada. We subsequently all worked together to design a product that served not only as a hand held book holder, but as a book stand, and a bookmark . As times and technology evolved, Bookbax also became a brilliant stand for most Tablet PCs and e-Readers too. (We don’t manually hold our TVs or laptops, so we shouldn’t have to hold our eBooks either!) Aspirations of becoming a successful jewellery designer faded and a new career path was paved!

Bookbax is a family run business.

We are a family run business and our main goal is to provide people with very useful, quality and affordable products that they can use anytime, anywhere, anyhow. The cornerstone of our business is to offer exceptional value and customer service to all our clients